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Default Re: Cover Tattoos????

truthfully i think that it doesnt matter. i work in the automotive business and generaly customers first look at my tattoos (im sleeved and chest pannel and back of my neck and scattered on my legs), they first look at them and are all "oh my god thats so beautiful" or "those colors are so bright" or "let me see whats on your chest" or they ask for the meanings behind them and why do i have them.... for me personally it is an ice breaker, i can give them alittle about myself and seem like i am their friend or i am telling them truthfully about my past and they build trust in me(not that i lie to my customers)... but it establishes a personal connection to me, the guy fixing their car... i work for GM and have a prominent position at my dealership. i deal with customers on a regular basis. i do tend to be remembered more by customers due to my livley skin. i honestly dont think that it really is looked at as "bad" anymore or that only bikers adn outlaws have tattoos. thanks mostly to better trained artists, better health practices in shops, better artistic influence on placment, color, and content. i have a mermaid on one arm with her boobs on my elbow... i wanted nipples, but my artist, Brandon Bond, talked me into sea shells to cover up the nipples like pastys.... and i am glad i got sea shells...... nipples would not have been a good idea. in general i think tattoos should NOT be forcably covered at work... they are a part of the person working with you, for you, aginst you, on your team.... it would be like making the people who wear glasses wear blindfolds....
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