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Originally Posted by edu View Post
Well i got the stable and waverly ... yesterday ... and i do a cover up tattoo on my friend leg...
here's the link pic :
Huge light source issues there. The shadowing is all kinds of off. I'm not sure if you were looking for a critique or just to show the colors but I would strongly suggest either an art course at a school or pick up a book or two. I think it would help you out quite a bit.

To me, it doesn't matter what kind of ink, machines, needles, etc. you use. The first priority needs to be on the artistic side. You have to train your eye to see exactly where the shadows should be and where they shouldn't be when you first look at something. It'll take a bit of practice... lots of drawing. Look at real things, like a stuffed animal or a lamp or have a person pose for you. Draw them. Look at where the shadows are. You'll see that when a mouth is open, there's always a shadow towards the back of the mouth. Unless someone is in front of them shining a light in their mouth for whatever reason. Things like that.

Like I said, it'll take a lot of practice but it's definitely something you absolutely have to learn if you want to get good. I'm not a great tattoo artist yet by any means but I like to help with the artistic side when I can. Hope that helps.
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