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Default Tattooing seminars!

Brandon Bond's, touring schedule next year will be extremely limited,
however he will be appearing at certain shows and teaching a NEW seminar
to professional tattooists only, that covers all of the questions he gets
asked a bagillion times a day and more. The first seminar will be at the
Tampa Tattoo Convention in late march.

Brandon Bond: "I will be teaching tattooers about different aspects of
sucessful tattooing. I will be covering a variety of topics, including
image selection/creation, placement, execution (color blending and line
wieght vs no lines at all), color blending, pigment selection, tattooing
with only a shader as though you were painting with needles, and
PROMOTION, as in where to send your photos and when and why and who to, and all that, so that your work can be published regularly because if no
one knows your good, then its really worthless isnt it."

This will be a very different seminar from those you are used to and
Brandon will also be doing a direct question and answer session for as long
as it takes to answer all your questions. Price 125$ per person.
call 770 435 9966 for more info
Joe " zuletta" Waulken
All Or Nothing Tattoo and Body Piercing studio and Art gallery Atlanta (Smyrna) GA 770 435 9966

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