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Default Re: stable inks weeping

Originally Posted by Jayrahn View Post
Yep. Happened to me and im sure plenty others. None of my other choice inks do this. I figured, after cleaning up a mess in my tool chest, i can do w/o that from happening again *grumble*. Inks were 4 months old.

Furthermore speaking of Inks: I just got a 4oz'er of Starbrite Outlining ink and it was literally like Pudding! Ive never known Starbrites to come like that?!. Held bottle upside down and nadda. Had to squeeze it to get results.
ANYONE ELSE? And please dont suggest i cut it back. I think id rather send it back to TTS.
quit buying s&!t from technical, they have been known to f@#k with their products. on a side note, i am really getting blown out of the water by electric ink, this s&!t is the bomb, it's so thin, and it goes in like f@#king butter!!!!

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