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Default Colossick

The band is called Colossick. Metal metal, straight up metal. If you like Machine Head and guys who put on one helluva show, you'll like Colossick. They put on an amazing show, and they damn sure don't stare at their shoes and whine like a bunch of emo kids. Hell, my wife is by no means metal, as a matter of fact, she is a real deal Atlanta debutante from back in the day; and she did a damn stage dive she got so wrapped into the show. I digress...

I am biased towards these guys because I used to "manage" them. But that was only because they needed someone with a business sense, until they could get someone who really knew what the hell they were doing.

At any rate, they are a great bunch of guys who give it their all. They got picked up by Jagermeister, which doesn't suck. They typically draw very well around the south east, and are truly primed to take the next step.

Check them out at their Myspace page:
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