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ffdbrooks 06-22-2006 06:59 PM

The Best Tattoo Experience
I just had some work done by Brandon at the new A.N.T.I ART Elite shop and I am almost speachless. From the time I arrived at the shop from the time I left, it was by FAR the baddest tattoo experience I have ever had. The shop really makes you feel like you are in another world while you are there. The place is just unbelievable and words really can't explain how amazing the place and the people are. All I can say is if you haven't seen or been to the new shop then you haven't seen anything. It is truely a shop like no other and I recommend to everyone to get on the phone, call Alli or Mike, and book you a session at the new shop. You won't believe your eyes. Also Brandon if read this, thanks for the great tattoo and the great time. I look forward to coming back to finiish up asap.

trainedkilla 07-11-2006 06:25 AM

What do you do in Iraq bro?

seanherman 07-11-2006 09:06 AM

That's awesome about your experience.
It's an amazing place and the art is incredible.
I love hearing the stories from the clients that get work done at anti and how much it meaned to them

ffdbrooks 07-12-2006 06:39 AM

I am a contract fire fighter with a company called WSI. I have been over here since 2004. What about yourself, are you over here in the sandbox of love?

Sean I really couldn't explain how awesome the new A.N.T.I Art Elite studio is but I have to say that experience and the unbelievable art work from Brandon, has made me a AON FOR LIFE! I will be flying home Oct. 2 for a session with Nate.

trainedkilla 07-13-2006 10:04 PM

I am a Infantry platoon sergeant/platoon leader here in Afghanistan. Different sandbox of love.

KTR 07-14-2006 06:53 AM

Thank you to all of you guys over there!
I’m sure in your parts of the world the Ink you have is “forbidden”

F**k them! Wear it proud…give them hell...keep kicking ass…and come home safe!

ffdbrooks 07-14-2006 01:15 PM

Hey Sgt. I was in 2/187 in Ft.Campbell Ky. for a bit but decided to get out and become a fire fighter. I have so much respect for all the soilders that are over here and where you are. You guys do a bada$$ job of kicking the $hit out of these a$$holes. Take care of yourself and of couse your tats while you are there.

BRANDON BOND 07-14-2006 03:33 PM

definately be safe guys remember what you learned over here at the secret studio always.

trainedkilla 07-14-2006 08:02 PM

Thanks alot guys, really appreciate it.

Hey, firefighting is equally respectable. I always look up to you guys. Keep safe brother.

seanherman 07-14-2006 09:00 PM

you guys both do amazing things for us all.
thank you.

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