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Old 07-03-2008, 11:28 AM
animaladvocate animaladvocate is offline
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Default Things you should know about McKamey adoption center in Chattanooga TN

1. The vet decided to neuter some kittens on the reception desk in the lobby. That is in no way a sterile field. There was still construction going on in the building. There was saw dust and filth everywhere! I don't care how simple a procedure it is. That is just asking for an infection. And, at the time they had not been approved to even have animals in the building.

2. The bomb was dropped that they are in fact NOT A NO KILL shelter. They at this point want to strive to that eventually, but if there is a space issue then the animals least likely to be adopted are going to get the axe. They then said that they have never claimed to be a no kill facility. Well, someone called them on that saying that in newspaper articles the doctor had in fact said that very thing. Their response was..."Yeah well, Dr Amanda did say that and she was a little beside herself about it and then thought well the Humane Society lies all the time so it is ok."

3. They have hired completely inexperienced people. (Mostly their friends and family.) Since when does bathing dogs part time qualify you to be an animal control officer? Or working at an antique store qualify you to care for a sick or injured animal, or working at Game Stop for that matter? I know you have to learn somewhere, but there is a time and a place for everything, and proper channels to go through to gain that knowledge and acquire that education. Just because you picked up a stray dog once in your lifetime and it just so happened he became the family pet, or adopted a cat at Petsmart does not qualify you to make decisions and conduct animal adoptions. These are lives you are dealing with.

4. The lack of basic animal knowledge, and lack of common sense is frightening!

No one that they have hired as animal caretakers has ANY experience actually handling animals. And they are not getting the training that they need because Dr Amanda did not want to pay for full time training. How long will it be before someone's face gets eaten or they lose a digit?

5. You're a 26,087 square foot facility that will house 500 animals (That is if there is only one animal per cage.) That plans on staffing 3 Veterinarians and you only hire two technicians.

6. The doctor was asked why she was not vaccinating for Leptospirosis, wondering if it was for reaction factor especially in small dogs. It was stated that there was a high raccoon population in the area and that all it took was just one urinating in the common yard for the dogs to pick it up. If you're so concerned about the transmission of zoonotic diseases why wouldn't you want to protect your staff from that? Her answer was that it wouldn't happen. Oh really? So when someone inadvertently clean up a dog's urine that is infected with Lepto and they get it and their kidneys shut down and they die, you won't compensate their family because it just couldn't happen? Her answer again was that it wouldn't happen. But it could happen. Nope, won't happen. Ok, whatever.

7. They lied in the news and in the papers about how many animal control officers they have. Admitting that none have prior experience and that all 9 went to Arkansas for training. Actually, a total of 4 went to Arkansas and that was including their supervisor. The rest stayed behind and got NO training at all.

The whole is a bloody unorganized mess. Dr Amanda is too caught up in herself and her huge ego to objectively run that center. People should know that they are not what they portray themselves to be.
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