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Old 08-29-2011, 11:15 PM
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Default The Hardest Thing I Will ever Have To Do!! HELP!

Hey I am from Houston Texas. My area is still very biased to the breed even though we are one of the largest breed owning areas. I got my first ABPT when she was just 4 months old. She came from a kennel that said they had to close their doors. She had a few scrapes, bumps, and bruises from what they said was the others picking on her. I told them I would take her from them at whatever the cost. That afternoon I picked her up.
Before I get too far lemme give ya a lil info on me. I am 36 and in a wheelchair. I was in a massive wreck back in 2000 that left me here. I lost everything I had, mentally, physically, and financially. Took me a good while to get some sort of "life" back. After all I had been through, the looks, whispering, stereotypes, and finding out just what a majority of the public thought of me, I felt that I could identify with a misread breed like the pitbull. So there was my logic.
So I met with the owners of my new and yet to be realized best friend. There she was, a small white and grey/brindle, floppy eared, doe eyes, bundle of frightened puppy. I handed the woman my $50 and without another thought took her home. I was still pretty sick and weak from surgeries and in no time found that she was in tune with me. When I was feeling bad she would be right there. When I was happy she ecstatic. She was like "Therapy" for me. So I named her Therra P. We had never been apart. 2 years later I get an email from a lady telling me she had a dog I should see. Oh what has this breed done to me!!?? There in my email was a perfect little brindle male AMSTAF just 4 weeks old. Papers and all! I drove to Conroe to see the lil guy, after seeing the parents and finding out they were moving and just wanted $50 for him, I had a new lil friend. when I got him home Therra was not too happy. We kept them seperate for a lil while and would put him in her kennel while she was out so when she came in she would smell him and get used to him. Before long she had him in check and they were nose to tail everywhere. He had huge ears and a lil head, but had big feet. So, we called him Mr. Big.
These 2 are all I have as far as kids, and will have. But now in my life things are real hard with me trying to learn to walk and finish my apprenticeship, and try to get some extra schooling. Where I am living I cant have my loves. So they are @ my moms. Well she is worn out and I am not gonna end up in a place soon enough to take them with me. What makes this so hard is I have a family who loves them both to death. But, THey are scared of Therra because she has animal aggression. I cant blame them. They cant wait for Mr. Big since he is what every person in the world should get to know when it comes to the breed. He is tolerant, calm, loving, loyal, and determined. She is hyper, indecisive, loud, easily set off, kinda like a lot of the women I have known. J/K!! But aside from all this she is my first love and the thought of not having her brings me to tears as I type these words. But I have to be a realist, and as I am sure to get a lot of crap for this, I have to find her a home. Was it wrong of me to get tied up with a breed with a rep and then realize too late that I cant keep her anymore? Maybe. I had full intentions of having her till i left this earth. But my life has taken a very difficult turn. I am lucky Mr. Big is the dog he is and that a family I know will be abled to keep him. But They reason I came here is because I followed Mr. Bond's Tattoo life since I am doing all I can the right way to get into the business. In my condition its something I am able to do to fairly good degree. Not to mention he was a big part in the inspiration to love the breed as I do and will continue to do. In my area the type of people who are out to get a dog are getting them for the wrong reasons. (In my opinion) I am looking for help. Yeah even from another coast. Maybe help in just finding the right people to get involved with.
Like it says, this is the HARDEST thing I have ever had to do. Even living through this life has been easier. My profile has contact info for me. I can get vids and photos for anyone interested. My facebook is . Thank you for the chance to help a loving dog.
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hardest, thing

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