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Old 11-15-2010, 11:13 AM
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So I dont wanna keep sending out info over our twitter and facebook accts from my phone cause its depressing for everyone to read, here you can read it if you want to and if not you can just go back to watching our awesome videos and sh*t.

Anyone who has known me personally over the years, Knows Cain. I have never tattooed in a space that Cain has not been to, I have not lived anywhere that he has not lived with me, and if you have seen you know the story of Cain, how I got him, and the profound influence he has had on my life and in the lives of thousands of others (dogs and people). he is my best friend in every definition of the term. He has always been with me, and in the film I am getting a portrait of him tattooed on me while we explain it... so yeah he is awesome and has had more of an impact on my life than anything else ever has (or anyone for that matter).

I have filmed, photographed, and been involved in a LOT of horrible animal stuff, brutal sh*t that a lot of folks wouldnt be able to sit through even for editing purposes, I have seen many of our rescue dogs get saved and later die, I have always taken it all in, with a grain or two of salt, however through this last week I have realized that I never lost one of MY personal dogs, a miracle really. I have never been through this, and for that I am grateful.

Cain is a staple in my life and in the Bond home, in fact the first thing he did when I showed him the space (all or nothing) when I was going to sign a lease and start the shop - was, he peed on the corner of the building, marking it for all of us. Good boy Cain.

He is old, very old. He is a rescued fighting pitbull, who used to be invinceable, muscular, strong, and the sweetest dog I have ever met to this day. he is incredible with kids, cats, other dogs, everyone. he loves children more than anything, and always let kids yank on his ears and slap him around without as much as an ugly look. he is protective, loyal, and shows many human characteristics.

In the last year, we noticed a decline in his physical movement and behavior. Both of his ACL's (knees) gave out and he was too old for surgery, so he continued to hobble around never seeming to notice that the vet said he cant walk. he still walks today as I type this, painful as it might be, he walks and follows me everywhere I go when he can.

We have amazing vets, obviously being involved in we have access to all the good bad and the ugly in relation to animals, he started recieving bloodwork, tests, ultrasounds, medications for digestive stuff, more medicine, more ultrasounds, more of everything. he had no energy but was eating, drinking water, being cain, just a lazy version of his old self... and he was loosing weight. Lots of it.

Being the psycho I am, we sent him to a zillion places and he had another zillion tests. No one could figure out what was wrong with him, and I am still extremely pissed off about that.

Then last weekend he seemed even more withdrawn, lazy, etc. We took him to a specialist a couple hours away, where they preformed another zillion tests and did a surgery (scope style) to see what the f@#k was going on. They were even worried about that because he was so weak and skinny that sedating him was a risk.

Thats when you started seeing mentioning something was wrong, your letters and comments poured in, and we thank you for that. The procedure revealed several problems including a "mass" which is fancyass pussy talk for TUMOR.

Lots and lots of fancy words later, we were on the way to Short Parkers Wedding (my wife and I) and that was the first time he had been left alone in many weeks, so we were superfreaked out about leaving him, we aggreed to make the trip a fast one and return to cain asap.

In the car, my wifes phone rang and it was the specialist, with a lot more fancy words and excuses and bullsh*t, my wife started sobbing on the phone. I knew what the results were just from that.

She couldnt speak, she couldnt tell me what they said, so we just went to the wedding, because it was Short's day, still not knowing exactly what was going on I pretended not to think about it, all she could get out in the car was " not a canditate for surgery, blah blah it spread, its cancer, he has been given less than a month to live."

On the way we drove about 150 MPH seriously, we made a hour drive in what seemes like 4 minutes. When we got home he was still alive, but different. Almost like he knew.

I have spent the last few days with him by my side, with him sleeping mostly. His diet and medications take up most of the day and night, we have alarms going off all over the house to remind us, but have yet to need one. We havent slept much, the mood is dark.

Cain is not doing very well today in fact either. he is sick, and he knows it. The other pitbulls in my home know it too. They keep smelling him, and being very gentle around him, like thay can smell that he is dying. They are usually very rough and crazy, all is quiet.

I have more appointments, more oncologists, and more theories as to how to fix cancer than I ever wanted, however it is progressed so far now that feeding him some fancy dinners just makes him puke.

His diet is intense and specialized, and he is getting the best care we can give him. So much so that I think we are annoying the piss out of him.

Its raining today and the house I live in is silent (which it never is) the dogs arent barking or playing, and I am having a LOT of trouble focusing on the 20,000+ emails Im supposed to be sifting through.

There is nothing I can do.

This is what pisses me off more than anything. I would cut off my own leg to save him, with a hacksaw, right now.... but It wont help.

I just wanted to explain this because a LOT of the mail ive been sifting through is hard to read, because its about this, about how "my dog had cancer and lived" etc and while we appreciate that, more than you know, his situation is serious, and appearently fatal.

Please continue to pray for him, and for my wife, who is a f@#king wreck. Thank you for reading this and thank you for your concern. We are not giving up, but we are trying to be realistic as well, and give him the best time he can have with whats left. Forcing a bunch of wierd foods and more medicine on him seems selfish and cruel in some ways, I have to carry him to go outside to pee for example already, so its pretty advanced, fancey words or not. Everytime I pet him I touch his belly first to see if he is breathing, so far, he has been.

Sorry to bum you out with this, hense the taking it off of twitter etc. But everyone keeps asking so thats the real story, I will update on this thread only, and direct traffic here. I have a oncologist appointment in the afternoon tomorow and will let you know what they say.

Thank you - Cain says hi.


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