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Old 05-21-2008, 03:41 PM
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Location: Atlanta GA
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"Three dogs seized when federal authorities busted up Michael Vick's dogfighting operation are being rehabilitated by a well known Atlanta tattoo artist. - ABC news

"In the realm of tattoo artists, Brandon Bond is one of the most well-known and sought after; his skills with ink are undeniable and virtually everyone knows that he can do a killer tattoo. However, what few know is that Bond is also in the business of saving pit bull's lives". PRICK MAGAZINE

"Bond started rescuing pit bulls 12 years ago, and his pit bull organization has saved over 200 dogs". Marietta Daily Journal

"Michael Vick's Fighting Dogs Now Safe With "International Tattoo Artist of the Year"! NBC News

"Two Time Tattoo artist of the year, and owner of the All or Nothing
Empire." Tattoo Revue Magazine

"It's kind of neat because the tattoo industry has a stereotype, too. We're just hoping that this will shed some light and people change their opinions on the breed." Julie Warnat Georgia SPCA

"An artist who is ever changing our industry". East Coast Ink Magazine

"Michael Vick may be doing time, but three of his dogs are free at last, and enjoying their first taste of living in an Atlanta based foster care program. The home of the Atlanta Falcons is also home to the All Or Nothing Rescue , founded by world renown tattoo artist Brandon Bond. The organization has already rescued more than 200 pit bulls from all around the Southeast. -Altanta Journal Constitution

"This is a collection you can not miss, these guys have outdone themselves
again, BRUTAL motivational honesty and drive". Crave MAGAZINE

It's a bad rep caused by bad owners who are ignorant of the breed's dominant traits and training requirements...or just plain ignorant (yeah, we're talking about you, Michael Vick). -Tattoo Revue Magazine

"Brandon Bond is a man that needs no introduction" PRICK MAGAZINE

"According to Brandon Bond, who manages to take time from being one of the world's most sought after tattoo artists to save Pit Bulls, these "bully breeds" are nearly always immediately euthanized after being confiscated from the people who fight them, even though he says he has not met a single one that did not turn into wonderful, loving pet". CBS News

"The hardest working man in Tattooing." Tatoo Savage Magazine

"Brandon Bond uses his huge network of friends and fans to place pit bulls in danger of being euthanized into good homes". -Tattoo Revue Magazine

"Love him or hate him, Brandon Bond is one of the hottest players on the tattoo scene today". SKIN ART Magazine

"If you breed your dog just once and the resulting puppies are bred, and their are puppies bred, and so on, within 6 years you will be responsible for having put 67,000 dogs in the world! Wouldn't you rather have saved 6 or 7 dogs from a needless death?" -Brandon Bond


the worlds perfect dog. Forgot to mention the locking jaw is a myth, they were nicknamed the nanny dog because of their i9nherent fondness and protective nature toward children back in the 1800's. More children are bit by labs every year than pitties. And in Everett, WA if a pittie ends up at the pound they are euthenized after three days and no effort is made to find out where they belong during that three days.Simply because they are a great dog with a crappy reputation because of the beasts holding the leash. Anyway I think what y'all are doing is beautiful, keep it up on behalf of bullies and bullie lovers everywhere. My Staffordshire and Bull Terrier appreciate it... the more dogs you save the more they have to play with


brandon ,

hey man my name is adam i live near nashville tn i wanted to write you and tell u thanks for everything u are doin for these bulls last march me and my wife adopted our first pit her name is java she was about 9 months old when we got her she was tied up to some church steps in nashville she is our life she lives the life of a queen i never had an intrest of a pit until we got her and realized these dogs are the best dogs a man could ever have its all about how they're raised i would love to start my pit bull rescue because we are their last defense so if u could tell us more that would b great and if u need help finding a home for one let me know and ill help you

thanx adam and ashley


Landlocked ,Thank you for helping truly one of humans best friends, i have been a proud owner of pit bulls and all differnt kinds of dogs and animals .Dogs and pets seem to be only as good as there owners. Brandon is proof of that these dogs love again . Thanks Brandon and Pit bull Rescue and all others involved and Landlocked surfer .



I just wanted to say thanks from one pit lover to another for the work you are doing. I felt sooo bad when first hearing about the Vick story and it broke my heart that these poor dogs were being treated that way. Anyway, just wanted to send out a huge thank you to you from me and my two pits from the bottom of our heart for what you do!!!! keep it up!!!!


I know that you are being overwhelmed with emails, but I wanted to take the time to thank you for what you are doing for our pitbulls. I have studied your newly released photos of the Vick dogs over and over today. The solid tan one reminds me so much of my A C. I can tell how frightened that dog is! A C was a "bait" dog and was afraid of everything when we adopted him two years ago. He wouldn't leave the living room for the first week that we had him. It took a year and a half for him to lay down so we could rub his tummy. He has come so far in the 2 years that we have had him - he finally will walk through the kitchen (he is afraid of hard floors), and is my husband's constant companion. We just adopted a second pitbull -- her name is Java and she generally stays with me until we get her and A C used to each other. She is almost 9 months old and quite a silly girl. A C and Java are learning to play together and we monitor their play. There are no words to express how much we love our dogs!

I noticed on the solid black dog -- the scars seem to be defensive wounds? A C still has those on his shoulders. His former "owners" also put cigarettes out on him in a couple of places and his hair will never grow back there. But hell, we all have scars of some sort.

Again, my deepest thanks and true appreciation of your efforts in our cause!



hello my friend you do not know me but I have to say that I applaud you for your love of this beautiful and loving breed of dog... As a proud owner / father of a american pit bull terrier named Evol (which you can see on my top list since she has her own myspace account) I love your efforts that you are doing to turn such a negative stereotype of an animal into a positive one... Evol goes everywhere with me even to my part time weekend job where I am a doorman at Harlequinn Alley in Shreveport, Louisiana.... She loves everyone and always greets everyone with a tail wag and a kiss... but anyways thank you my friend and keep up the great work



Pure Heart Productions


Your interviews are so great and heartwarming i just wish there were so many more people out there like you guy's. These dogs have to have someone to stand up and fight for them and get people to stop creating drama everytime that you bring up pitbulls. I can't even tell you how many people that have called me up just to tell me a horror story that they heard that day and to tell me that they hope me rescueing my two don't come back to bight me and everytime I have to shrug it off and just agree to desagree. Tanks again for what you are doing it is so wonderful you rock.


Thanks for excepting my friends request. I want to say thanks also for the wonderful work you do with our friends the pitbulls. I am the proud mom of Jax/ American Pit Bull Terrier. I am hard of hearing and he is my ears. If I ever make it back home, down south, I would love to look you up because I am in need of 2 more tats.


Oooohhhhhh. changing the world, one person at a time. much love... To Brandon and everyone involved in making all this happen.



Just wanted to stop by and commend you on your work with the Pit Bull Rescues and Education work you are doing, I have been around Pit Bulls most of my life, and like you, know there is no better loving family dog then a bully, I think its fantasic what you are doing for the Vick Victims, You are now the voice for Pits everywhere, You are truly an ANGEL for all you are doing for this wonderful breed... Thank you !


I love this man, keep up the great work you are doing for the breed. You have thousands of Pitbull/Tattoo lovers behind you. It is great to see the media spinning the other side of this story. I look forward to getting in touch with you after my military tour ends and I can adopt.


dude ..just seen the vic dog youtube videos you just a guy who loves these dogs...the look of love that my dogs give me gives me ...I just cant explain ....I am involved in the breeding world of these pitbills...not for fighting....but for house pets...the more I see about pitbull rescue the more I want to help ...the more I want to actually stop breeding ( because there are so many out there).....I have actually met you way back when when you were doing your thing here in vegas .....long time ago.....back at pricks......(now a red and white shop)......I just wanted to say that what you are doing is great...its motivating.....keep up the good work...(im not one to go around kissing peoples ass) fact there are brandon bond haters out here..lolol....but from what ive seen ......your a good guy ......and if theres anything that can be done here in vegas to help out your rescue efforts.....let me know.....
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Old 05-21-2008, 03:49 PM
Field Marshal
Join Date: Apr 2005
Location: Atlanta GA
Posts: 7,876

by the way we are putting all these together for the animal documentary coming out -

I guess we should announce that? -
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Old 05-25-2008, 05:13 PM
ravensrun65 ravensrun65 is offline
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Originally Posted by BRANDON BOND View Post
by the way we are putting all these together for the animal documentary coming out -

I guess we should announce that? -
Any idea when it'll be out?
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