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Default Re: Dragonfly rotary>>review/ feedback post away!!

Hey man. I haven't used one of these, but I DID get tattood with one.
The machine is super light and quiet. It runs as fast or as slow as you want, and you can adjust how hard it's hitting very simply. The guy using it on me used to it lay in color, and it was a f@#king BEAST.. one pass and solid black work was in. He was layering and blending colors with it easily, as well.

I was talking to him about the differences between that and a swashdrive... ( I don't have any experience with a swash) He said the swash has a limit as to how fast you can run the machihne, because of the physics behind the drive mechanism... Dragonfly doesn't have that problem.

It seems to speed up work and take a load off of your hand.... So, as much as my slightly experienced opinion matters..
Once I get the money to blow on a new machine or two, I'm seriously thinking about getting one.

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