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Default Man Goes Homeless to Protect Dog

Man Goes Homeless to Protect Dog

Peter “Ivory” Bowling has spent the last two weeks sleeping on the streets of LA. He has an apartment, but says he has forgone the safety of home in order to protect a dog.

Ivory has gone homeless to stay with Chocolate, a young pit bull he found near death in an abandoned apartment building. He worked with a rescuer to have Chocolate seen by a veterinarian. She was examined, spayed, dewormed and microchipped.

But Ivory’s landlord had denied his request to allow the dog to live in his apartment – despite the fact that other tenants have animals in the building. Ivory was not willing to let Chocolate go it alone, so he packed supplies and blankets, strapped them to his wheelchair, and took a stand, spending nights in area parks, under bridges – even fighting off a mugger who slashed him with a razor and stole his belongings.

Ivory is working to have Chocolate officially classified as a therapy dog, and is hoping that by doing so, he’ll be permitted to have her move in with him.
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