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Default Re: What you guys are doing is awesome

Funny (well not really funny but struck a cord with me) that Daron said he learned more from his short time with Seven then he has in several years of sobriety. I am a recovering alcoholic as well who was very skilled at keeping it from my family. Im a former Special Forces soldier as well so being sneaky was easy except when it came to my dog. I couldnt fool him.

He always thought himself a lap dog, but seemed to triple his efforts with me when he saw i was drinking. I didnt realize it at the time but i have no doubt he was trying to prevent his "dad" from hurting himself through the use of alcohol. He was always affectionate, but it was on the rediculous side when he saw i was drinking.

When i went into treatment and cleaned up so many family and friends made the comment that they would have never guessed or never knew I had a problem. My guardian did though and yes you can learn alot from these animals.

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