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Default Need Help For Using Kuro Sumi

(Sorry for asking for help in my first post)

I live in IRAN !!!
In the year 2005 i asked my friend to buy me Kuro Sumi tattoo ink from Canada.
It's outlining Black ink 12 oz.

on the bottle it says: "best use befor 2007"
I NEVER OPEND IT , until now
because there is no tattoo artist in Iran !!!!!!!!!
now after 7 years , i found a (good) tattoo artist and i want to use that ink.

Is it safe to use that Kuro Sumi with that mark on it? ("best use befor 2007")
How should i store it after i opened it for the first time?
Can i use the Kuro Sumi "Outlining Black" FOR SHADING !?
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