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Exclamation In Urgend to place a Pit from death row !!!

Hello, I am new at the forum.A Tattoo Shop Owner name Kerry from Columbus ,Ga told me abut Brandon Bond and the Rescue. I am in Urgend to place a female Pit

Here is her story.

Desteny was found stray and endet up at a Shelter . Her adoptable date was June 11. , but no one came by to pick her up.Every day from her adoptable date was a high risk, that they euthanize her . June 13,we saw her and saved her life. We brought her straight to the Veterinary, to help her .Volunteers of a GERMAN RESCUE ORGANISATION donated money to help and ,to pay the Veterinary-Bill .Desteny, thats how we named her , was from June 13. till June 23 at the Vet in critical care . She is Heartworm positive and her blood is very bad, that we thought, she needs bloodtansfusion. But while she was for 3 days on IV , her blood startet to get better. It is still bad, but not like it was.I know, Desteny does not look good now.But please don't judge her because of that. It is not her fault . She still needs medical care,but we already covert theese costs .We had to bring her back to the Vet on friday, because we realized shortness of breathing on her. She will be at the Vet to be monitored again, till Monday.

Desteny is getting along without agression with our other dogs as long as she does not feel bothered. she is very good with our child !!! She is 100% House trained! She does not chew on anything or bark while we are gone !!

We are not sure , that who ever had her in the past, did not used her for fighting.We think she was used for breeding and she was defenetliy dumped in a yard in a way too small kennel or whatever it was.We saw that on the position how her back legs are. Des had parasites and hundrets of fleas.

The Vet said, Des must gain weight , that he can start with the Heartworm medication. Volunteers of the Rescue Organisation donated money to cover the Vet Bill !!
I am really lost , because not even one of the Rescues here gave me any support. I was asking, to put her on theyr page, to find a good place for her. But no reponse.
We life her in Fort Benning on military base and if they find out, what dog we have, they will kick us out of housing within 24 hours if the dog is not gone !
We can,t let that girl go back in a shelter to be killed.
I am realy in need to place her or better , giving her a good home. I also would be willing, to drive down to the Atlanta area, if there is someone who would give her a place to stay.
please...if here is someone to help that girl, please get in contact with me. . please leave your phone number and i call you back.
Or leave a message here in the threat.

oh... and sorry , if my english is not sooooo perfect. i moved over here from germany ..but i try to do the best to learn .
thanks to everybody who read this and is willing to help us.!/desteny.columbusga

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