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Default Re: Fine Balance - Art and Life

Yeah, my city is trash dude, Im from Trenton NJ, it sucks out here man.......Im trying to scrape together enough money to move to Georgia...the cost of living and everything is just cheaper by alot between Jerzee and Georgia.......for example> a two bedroom Apartment on a street you have to duck bullets on cost 745 a my city.........I did some homework online and found a two bed 1.5 bath townhouse for 600 a Georgia...........I'd be a absolute dream if I could snag an apprenticeship for AON!!!! I think my life would do a complete 360.....I have a vehicle for sale so that I can at least have some travel money.....Go down to Georgia and find a place to live and all the good stuff.......I just can't wait to be legit with something in my life dude......."Hard Work" is tattooed on my right fore arm with two skulls around it/ it stands for Hard work till I die.......

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