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Default Re: Dave MF Tedder Is The Goddamn Man!

I agree Dave is the man, I had been tattooed ALOT at All or Nothing, more than 100 hours,
3 pieces by Bryan Reynolds,
one by Brandon Bond,
one by Sean Herman,
one by Chris Vennekamp,
Two large pieces by Short,
two pieces by Vince,
one by Jeff Paetzold,
one by J Ranno,
one by Davee who did a guest spot from Poland and finally Dave and I got it together. Got my right sleeve lined out in October, hand drawn traditional dragon, did the background last weekend and try and color it out in Feb.

I said all that to say this, I waited a long time to get with Dave, I wanted to give him some big space and let him run with it and he did! The guy is a awesome, very detailed, clean tattooing master of this game.

Anyone who hasnt been tattooed by Dave needs to line it up!
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