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Exclamation Dave MF Tedder Is The Goddamn Man!

Friday I finally started my sleeve with Dave. He was able to put on most of the outline before his next appointment showed, and I'm impressed.

I went in with a billion different images in my head of what I wanted, and all of these different ways of explaining them, and blah blah blah. He just asked what I wanted, I gave no real details, and he went in a completely different direction than anything I had in my head. Far better than anything I could have imagined.

Next appointment is in January. Going in for a serious all day session.

I don't have a lot of ink, but I've been to a lot of shops, and even worked in one for a little over a year. Never have I felt more comfortable or welcome. Greatest f@#king Shop On The Planet!

Expect to see a lot of my family and friends in 2010.
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