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Default Re: ADOPT an ANIMAL!!!!!

Desteny was found stray and endet up at a Shelter . Her adoptable date was June 11. , but no one came by to pick her up.Every day from her adoptable date was a high risk, that they euthanize her . June 13,we saw her and saved her life. We brought her straight to the Veterinary, to help her .Volunteers of a GERMAN RESCUE ORGANISATION donated money to help and ,to pay the Veterinary-Bill .I saved her life and promised her, that everything will be fine now .I promised her, to find her a good forever home .I know, Desteny does not look good now.But please don't judge her because of that. It is not her fault . She still needs medical care,but we already covert theese costs .

She is a friendly Dog !!! Desteny needs a forever home as soon as possible !!! we prefer to find her a home where she is the only Dog .We are not sure yet, how she is getting along with other dogs. We have 2 English Bulldogs , we rescued.She ignore the female , but our male one and her dislike eachother. She is very friendly with my friends puppy. It is maybe the breed of an English Bulldog, she don't like. She is very good with our child !!! She is 100% House trained! She does not chew on anything or bark while we are gone !!
We want a forever Home with an Resposible Family who does not keep her as an 24/7 outside dog . We want he beeing a part of the family . And... we named me Desteny .If you feel, you are the right one for her , please get in contact via email , to get some more information.

Desteny is a very sweet girl with so much love to give ! Love , she never had before in her life.

Please give that girl a chance and meet her !

We live here on a military Base and the people who live next to us are getting nosy. So it will be a question of time till they come to our house and try to take the dog to bring her back to ACC. That would mean for her, that she will be eutanized. and thats what we defenetly dont want !!!
And we would get also kicked out of housing, because any pit and Mixed breed of theese dogs are not alowed !!!

I already was sending out emails to other rescues. but...without any Luck!
If we can get any help here in the forum, I would also be willing, to drive down to your area.
I am getting kinda nervoes, because of the rude folks who live righht next and beside us.
And we defenetly can't let that sweet girl go down !!
We apreciate any help
This is a picture of her , on the day we safed her

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This is her at the vet. She was 3 days on IV

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Desteny at the VET

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This is her now...

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