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Jayrahn 02-07-2012 11:06 PM

Limbo? Need advice, Please AON.
I get a call from my landlords brother in law saying he has bad news. He then tells me his BIL(my landlord), i lease from for my Parlor, hasnt paid the Utilities for last 3 months and are scheduled for "disconnect" in about a week!

I am current on rent and we split the utility bill. He (LL)was living upstairs above my parlor til about a month ago( now w his girlfriend), from my sources, and is handing this mess over to his Brother in Law(BIL)to inform me.
Apparently he and his exwife are on the loan that purchased the entire building years ago and he allegedly is having issues with his Ex again over something to do with the Building and paying Property Taxes and so on.

I have appoinments this week and weekend to keep. I already lost 200 bucks one evening cuz a breaker popped last month and the Landlord locked the basement door so i had no way of accessing my Breaker Panel to reset it. I had to close and forefeit that 200 dollar appoinment( half done) to make things right since he travelled 2 1/2 hours for it.
I know i probably have a civil suit forming here but i have a month to month lease and has been for over 3 years now. Splitting Utilities was verbal but ive been punctual and honored it.
My question is what can i do right now to keep power on and going if Landlord wont even return my calls even though i paid him already for this month? His BIL wont even return my call in last 24hrs roughly. Im thinking im F**ked....:( I dont know why hes doing this but all im concerned about now is my Business. I KNOW i havent done anything to be apart of this mess and he even said to others in front of me he like having us there and so do a lot of others he knows throughout the city... what?

I just got this call yesterday. Any advice would be great!!!

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